• are professionally trained instructors and are working artists themselves
  • engage young people with all types of learning styles to help them reach their full potential
  • are positive role models that inspire children to achieve success
  • provide lots of one-on-one mentoring


We blend fun camp activities with a variety of high quality arts programming (music, theatre, dance and visual arts) so young people can develop the skills they need to be successful in life. We provide young people with the right environment to grow and develop core leadership skills such as teamwork, effective communication, creative thinking and trying new things. We believe in empowering our campers to reach for their biggest dreams!

Why The Arts AND Camp?

The Arts Teaches…                The Camp Environment Supports…
Commitment & Discipline        Trying New Things
Accountability                        Encouraging Others
Creative Thinking                   Teamwork
Problem-Solving                      Communication
Work/Life Balance                  Taking Initiative
How To Dream Big                  Cooperation
Innovation                             Building Healthy Relationships

The unique combination of the two produces powerful results…